Training & Courses

$9 Offers:

Affiliate Promo Pages Made Easy 30-minute training from The Aimee K Agency, only $9, will help you to set up your WordPress affiliate page sing the free Elementor plugin


Unlock the power of affiliate promotion with our 30-minute tutorial.

Learn to craft your own WordPress affiliate page using Elementor, enhancing your earning potential while ensuring email compliance.

Say goodbye to spam filters and hello to sustainable affiliate income.


Migration made Easy: Mailerlite to Convertkit is a 35 minute video training that shows you some of the differences between the 2 platforms, and includes the 16 steps to migrate from MailerLite to ConvertKit.

Bonus checklist included.


Boost engagement with “Hosting a Points Frenzy.”  Learn to captivate your audience, gather insights, and reward participation with dynamic events.

Includes templates for email swipes, rules, and point tracking.

Transform engagement into an unforgettable experience!


Discover the keys to overcoming creative blocks and unlocking inspiration with our exclusive 39-page eBook.

Dive into practical tips, motivational advice, and actionable strategies designed to unleash your creativity and captivate your audience.

Download now and embark on a journey to unleash your full creative potential!

Low Cost Trainings & Services:

PRICE: $37

Learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing with “Affiliate Marketing Basics Made Easy.”

This training is ideal for anyone interested in starting their own affiliate program or becoming an affiliate for others.

It includes a 27-minute video covering the basics of affiliate marketing, and you’ll also receive a 7-chapter, 41-page eBook that provides a detailed guide on these topics.

Learn how to choose the right affiliate programs, set up your own program, build trust, and promote ethically.

Start today and elevate your affiliate marketing game!

PRICE: $27

Learn essential website upkeep and security practices with “Website Maintenance & Security Made Easy.”

This 26-minute video guides new online entrepreneurs through updating themes and plugins, configuring security plugins, and ensuring automatic backups.

Protect your online presence and customer data confidently.

PRICE: $67

Introducing our “Website Maintenance & Security Done For You Service”!

Let us handle the complexities of your website’s back end. We’ll review plugins and themes, install essential free plugins for backup and security, and provide a personalized screen recording with insights and recommendations.

Keep your site secure and running smoothly with ease!

Customization Trainings:

Customization Training: Fourth of July Planner

PRICE: $17

This 37-minute over-the-shoulder customization training shows you how to transform the Fourth of July Planner into a Summer Planner you can sell using a Canva free account.

PRICE: $17

This 15-minute training shows you how to customize the Houseplant Planner Log & Notebook using Canva, so that you can sell it in your shop!

PRICE: $17

This 20-minute training shows you how to customize the Summer Journal into a new Summer Journal you can sell in your shop using Canva!

PRICE: $17

This 27-minute training shows you how to customize the same Summer Journal into a journal that is focused on self-care and reflection using Canva.

PRICE: $17

This 34-minute training shows you how to customize the My Lemony Dailer Planner Freebie into  My Peachy Daily Planner using Canva.

WooCommerce Courses:

PRICE: $27

Unlock your WordPress website’s full earnings potential with our “WooCommerce for WordPress KickStart” video training. 

This over-the-shoulder mini-training walks you through setting up a fully functional shop in 30 minutes!

PRICE: $97

WooCommerce for WordPress Training comes with 2 modules- WooCommerce for WordPress Training and Yith WooCommerce Affiliate Training.

These two modules consist will help walk you through setting up a WooCommerce shop on your WordPress site, and how to set up the Yith WooCommerce Affiliate platform on your WooCommerce shop.

Included in this training:

  • 2 Modules that will help walk you through setting up a WooCommerce shop on your WordPress site, and how to set up the Yith WooCommerce Affiliate platform on your WooCommerce shop
  • 7 bite-sized videos with a combined time of almost 2 hours
  • BONUS: 3 update videos added since launch
  • BONUS: Set of mockups to list your first product
  • BONUS: 50% off coupon to use on PLR in my shop to get your first product listed quickl